LED grow light is an artificial light source designed to stimulate plant growth by providing appropriate light spectrum. Application include horticulture, indoor gardening, plant propagation and food production.
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B5050RB | 12V LED Grow Strip Light 12w/m

B5050RB | 12V LED Grow Strip Light 12w/m

LED strip grow light, 12V DC, 60 LEDs/m, 12w/m, red and blue light, waterproof/ non-waterproof

Key features:

  • LED grow strip lights for growing plants.

  • Red (660nm) & blue (460nm) spectrum light.

  • 12V DC low voltage.

  • Sanan optoelectronics' quality 5050 LED with good spectrum and long lifespan.

  • Flexible PCB can be curved and is easy for installation.

  • Non-waterproof (IP20) and waterproof (IP65/ IP67/ IP68) are available.

  • Regular Red-blue ratio: 3-1/ 4-1/ 5-1, other ratios are customizable.

  • ODM and OEM are available.

Product Details:

  • Item type: LED grow strip light

  • Input voltage: 12V DC

  • PAR: 102 μmol/20cm, 42 μmol/50cm

  • Brand: No Brand/ MLDR/ Customized

  • LED quantity: 60 LEDs/m

  • Working lifetime: 50,000 hours

Product Dimensions:

  • Length: 5m/ roll

  • Width: 10mm

  • Cutting Step: 50mm

  • Distance of LEDs: 16.7mm

  • Thickness: 2.0mm


Product No.


Input voltage




LED quantity

Beam angle



12V DC


102 μmol/20cm, 42 μmol/50cm


60 LEDs/m




12V DC


102 μmol/20cm, 42 μmol/50cm


60 LEDs/m




12V DC


102 μmol/20cm, 42 μmol/50cm


60 LEDs/m



1. The LED strip grow light can be processed into waterproof (IP65/ IP67/ IP68).

2. The pictures are for reference only. Please refer to the actual products.

3. The models of LED strip lights in the table are regular models. Please contact us if you need other specifications.




Grow light LED strip, also known as LED grow light tape, is a kind of artificial light source used to provide the needed light for the growth of plants. B5050RB is a LED grow strip light with excellent red and blue light spectrums, low power consumption, and high efficiency, which is suitable for microgreens, succulents, vegetables, and so on.




Q1: Are you a manufacturer?

A1: We are a LED grow lights manufacturer, our factory and store are located in Shenzhen, China.


Q2: How to place an order?

A2: Please CONTACT US. Our sales department will reply you ASAP.


Q3: Can I order some samples or small quantities for testing?

A3: Yes, samples are available.


Q4: What is the minimum order quantity (MOQ)?

A4: The MOQ of regular products is 1pc.


Q5: How long is the warranty?

A5: The warranty period is 2 to 5 years, please refer to the specifications of product page.


Q6: Can you provide Customized and OEM/ ODM services?

A6: Yes. Please send us your requirements.


Q7: Are there any other LED strip lights?

A7: Yes, the website’s product lists are constantly updated. You can ask us for other LED light strips that are not on the site.


Q8: What payment terms are available?

A8: Western Union, T/T, L/C, D/P, D/A, etc.