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Canadian medicinal cannabis growers will use LED grow lights to save nearly half of energy

Time:2019-06-22| Author:admin

According to reports, Fahse, a horticultural lighting supplier based in Nevada, USA, announced an agreement with Canadian medicinal cannabis grower Curative Cannabis to supply LED grow lights to its plantation plant in Ontario.

It is reported that Curative Cannabis is expected to produce 3,000 kg of medicinal cannabis per year.

UFO LED grow lights for cannabis

Under the agreement, Curative Cannabis's 30,000 square foot plant will install LED lighting fixtures. Curative Cannabis said that compared to the traditional high-pressure sodium lighting system, using LED lights, the company expects to increase cannabis production and save about 50% of energy.

It is understood that in 2018, Canadian cannabis cultivation began to be legalized, and start-ups have seized market share in all aspects of the cannabis supply chain. In 2018, Statistics Canada estimated that nearly 5 million Canadians spent money on marijuana in 2017, spending about $890 per person.