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Custom LED Grow Lights, New Market Trend


custom led grow light strips for leafy vegetables

Custom LED grow lights for leafy vegetables

With the increase of indoor planting facilities and greenhouses, Agricultural lighting, especially LED grow light, has been greatly developed in the past few years. LED plant lighting has many advantages, such as increasing crop growth rate, saving energy by up to 75%, saving water resources by up to 90%, and so on.


Under global climate change, from crops cultivation to aquaculture require more specialist LED lighting fixtures, which lead the market furtherly to specialize and customize. According to the corps and growing stages, different spectrum or multiple spectrum schemes are required by the growers. Regularly, the optimum ratio of red light to blue light for leafy vegetables is 4:1, and that of fruit cash crops is 5:1. There also other ratios like 7:1 and 8:1 are being used.


As mentioned above, the market is developing towards specialization and customization. A lot of growers will custom-make LED grow lights with the specific spectral combination base on the plants' characteristics. Full-spectrum LEDs, UV LEDs, and IR LEDs are increasingly being added to the lamps in a specific proportion. The production efficiency can be maximized by accurately providing the needed light according to the needs of crops.


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