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How To Cut LED Strip Lights Correctly


In general, the length of the LED strip lights we buy from the store or supplier is 5 meters in a row. But in use, we need many different sizes, so we need to know how to cut LED strip lights correctly and without damaging them.

1. Find the correct cutting position

To facilitate user cutting and installation, LED strip manufacturers will mark scissors or lines on the areas where can be cut. We can't cut LED strip anywhere, only from these signs. Measure the length we need and find the nearest cut sign.

2. Cut the LED strip

Use sharp scissors to cut the strip along the given cutting mark (sharp scissors can effectively avoid short circuits). Some LED light strips may not indicate the scissors signs, we can cut from the middle of the welding spots.

how to cut led strip lights

3. Reconnect the wires or connector

The cut out LED strip should be welded a pair of wires or a connector so as to it can connect to the power supply or controller. If there don't have welder, we can use the solderless connector.

connect solderless connector

4. Test

If the entire LED strip doesn't work, it probably caused by the short circuit. At this point, we need to trim the cutting position slightly again to separate the joined copper foils.

That's the right way to cut the LED strip lights. Shenzhen Mailederun Technology Co., Ltd. (MLDR®) is a professional LED strip manufacturer in Shenzhen, China, with more than 10 years of experience in R&D, production, and sale.