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Fluence becomes the exclusive LED lighting supplier for AgMedica in Canada, helping medicinal cannabis cultivation


On June 27th, Osram's Fluence announced that it has become the exclusive supplier of LED lighting solutions for AgMedica BioScience Inc. of Canada. AgMedica has licensed medicinal cannabis and adult cannabis cultivation.

Cannabis under the LED grow light

According to the news, AgMedica's world-class multi-story facility will install Fluence's LED lighting system and expand its operations as needed. Fluence's system will be used for every stage of cannabis growth from reproduction to flowering. While steadily growing cannabis, AgMedica can also focus on the development of secondary metabolites such as terpenes and flavonoids to produce medicinal cannabis that meets the company's strict standards.

Gregory Gawne, senior vice president of business development at AgMedica, said the company's advanced planting facilities produce consistent and quality drugs for patients. Through the introduction of professional LED grow lighting system, AgMedica is able to produce high-quality cannabis, and the output is effectively increased several times without expanding the planting area.