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C12407 | RGBW LED Strip Controller 12V-24V

C12407 | RGBW LED Strip Controller 12V-24V

RGBW controller, 12V-24V, Max 2A*4CH, 40 keys IR remote, for RGBW LED lgiht strip

Key features:

  • RGBW LED strip controller.

  • Input: 12V/ 24V DC

  • Output: Max 2A*4.

  • 40 keys IR remote.

  • 20 single colors.

  • 6 color-changing effects.

  • RGBW/ controller/ LED strip/ 12v/ 24v/ manufacturer/ China/ MLDR®

  • Products: 5050 RGBW LED Strip 12V

Product Details:

  • Item type: RGBW controller

  • Input voltage: 12V - 24V DC

  • Working temperature: -20-60℃

  • Product Size: 50*35*23mm

  • Net weight: 90g

  • Output: DC 12V-24V 2A*4CH

  • Remote signal: IR

  • Single-color buttons: 20

  • Light effects bottons: 6

Product Dimensions:

This RGBW controller is divided into RGB and W (white light) two parts, it can be turn ON/OFF RGB part and W part independently, and can controll their brightness and their color independently