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The secrets of LED lights' Color Temperature

Time:2018-09-15| Author:admin

Heating an ideal blackbody, when the temperature keeps going up, the color emitted by blackbody begins to change from red to blue gradually. When the color of a light source and blackbody is the same, we use the Kelvin temperature of the blackbody at that time to represent the color temperature of the light source.

Since the CCT (correlated color temperature) is not actually an exact corresponding color, but an evaluation value of the performance of the light source when the blackbody radiation approaches the light source color. For this reason, two LEDs with the same CCT value may still have some differences in the appearance of light color. Moreover, there is no necessary connection between CCT and CRI (color rendering index). It is not reasonable to judge the color rendering ability of light sources only by CCT.

In the field of the white-light LED, we classify the white color into warm white, white and cool white according to how humans feel about colors.

The CCT is below 4000K, it is called warm white, for the reddish light gives people a warm, comfortable feeling. When it is between 4000K and 6500K, people have no obvious visual psychological effect under this color, so it is called neutral light or white. Once the value exceeds 6500K, the light will be bluish, which make people feel cool or cold, so it is called cool white.

Color temperature figure only for reference

In addition, people's feeling is also influenced by the brightness of the light. The high CCT light with a low brightness will make people feel gloomy. Similarly, the low CCT light with extremely high brightness will give people a feeling of stuffiness.

Therefore, it is necessary to customize different LED lights according to different applications and end users, so as to meet the needs of the market. As the China LED strips manufacturer, we have the ability to produce LED light strips according to the clients' requirements.

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