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The differences between rigid and flexible LED strips

Time:2018-09-08| Author:admin

With the development of LED lighting technology, LED lighting products have become the leader in the lighting industry, for its environmentally friendly, energy-efficient, multifunctional and economical. Many places in the world have gradually substitute LED lights for traditional lighting fixtures. As the professional manufacturer in China, we will give you a brief introduction to LED strip lights, hoping that will be helpful to you.

LED light strips including flexible LED strips and rigid LED strips.SMD5630 flexible LED strip lights

The first is flexible LED strips, also known as LED tapes or LED ribbon, which made by mounting the LED beads on the FPCB, and its thickness of the flexible LED strip is just about 1mm. LED flexible strips are soft and coated with double-sided adhesive on the back, especially convenient for installation in corners, round and irregular areas. Furthermore, almost all of the LED strips can be changed the length by cutting and lengthening. Applications of LED tapes are as follow.

1. The architectural contour lighting.

2. The decoration of the irregular object, such as the irregular wall and the ceiling in hotels, clubs and KTVs etc.

3. Indoor decorative illumination, such as the doorframe, counter and cabinet etc.

4. Automobile decorations.

5. Showcase and others.

The other one, rigid LED strip lights, or LED hard strip lights. The only difference between the flexible and the rigid is that the hard strip light use the rigid PCB with the material of aluminum or fiberglass. The advantages of LED hard light strips are that it is easy to fix and install, the length can be customized according to usage requirements, and has the better heat-dissipation effect. The disadvantage is that it can not be bent freely. Not suitable for irregular places. Commonly used in Jewelry showcase lighting, cabinet lighting, wardrobe lighting, store decoration lighting, art lighting, advertising light box lighting, and indoor decoration lighting.SMD2835 rigid LED strip lights

The most common on the market today are 12V and 24V LED strip light that is harmless to people. Absolutely, there will be wrapped by plastic profiles or tubes if the input voltage is AC 110V, AC 120V and AC 220V etc, for improving the safety performance of high-voltage LED strip lights. The normal lifespan is over 30,000 hours and the working temperature is -30°C to 60°C. Sorted by colors, LED lights are generally divided into single color and RGB. The single color LED strips including red, green, blue, cool white, white, natural white, warm white. The RGB LED strips are color changeable by controlling 3 chips with different colors. There are also other types of light strips on the market, such as RGBW, three-colors etc.

Through the above introduction, I believe that everyone has a general understanding of LED lights.

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