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Full-spectrum LEDs, the Healthy lighting

Time:2018-09-07| Author:admin

In recent years, LED lights manufacturers not only just paying attention to light efficiency or service life, but also more careful about people's perception and the influence of light on people, devoted to making artificial light closer to natural sunlight. With the development and maturity of the LED technology, full-spectrum LEDs have become a hot spot in the industry, for which are similar to the solar spectrum.Parameter of full-spectrum 2835 LED strip lights

In the sunny day, the sun emits a continuous spectrum of light, and its color temperature is 5000K to 5500K. The value of CRI (color rendering index) represents the ability of the light source to redisplay the original color of the object. 15 kinds of sample colors, R1 to R15 were used to evaluate the color rendering of the light source. R9 is used to evaluate the redisplay quality of the vivid red. The CRI of sunlight is defined as Ra 100. The full-spectrum containing the spectrum of ultraviolet light, visible light and infrared light, of which the ratio of the visible light portion is similar to the sunlight, and the CRI is close to Ra 100.

On the right picture is the 2835 full-spectrum LED strip Art. No. R2835FS. From that, we can know the Ra and R9 of our full-spectrum LED strips is 98.0 and 99 respectively, which means the superior quality. The LED strips, with the wider color gamut, not only make the color of the object look more realistic, but also effectively reduces the hazard of blue light.

According to industry statistics, the current proportion of full-spectrum LEDs in the LED market is still small. Compared with ordinary LEDs, the cost of full-spectrum LEDs is slightly higher.

Industry insiders predict, with the continuous improvement of full-spectrum technology, more users will realize the importance of full-spectrum light quality, and its market share will grow rapidly. The entire LED industry, especially indoor lighting, will transition from conventional high color rendering LEDs to full spectrum LEDs.

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