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LED lattice light, the top seller product

Time:2018-09-07| Author:admin

LED lattice curtain light stripsLED lattice strip light, also known as LED diffuse reflection strip light is one of the LED strip light, which improved from traditional LED curtain lights. Nowadays, LED lattice strip light plays a gradually important role in the advertising lighting, indoor illumination and TV backlight.

In order to meet with the increasing demand of LED lattice strip lights in recent years, our factory has added a number of specialized automatic wire bonding machines and hot-pressing machines on the basis of the production line. In the past two months, our factory has produced 100,000 pieces of LED lattice strip lights.

The lattice strip lights produced by our factory are used the superior 3030 or 2835 LED, excellent rigid PCB, and other high-quality raw materials. By mounting the high-transparency acrylic lens, the beam angle increased to 170 to 175 degrees, which makes the light more uniform over short distances. Therefore, it is completely suitable for the ultra-thin lightbox at the thickness of 4-10cm and the stretch ceiling. Moreover, the acrylic lens is connected to the PCB by the hot-pressing process, which is firmer than the traditional glue connection.LED lattice strip light with PMMA lens

For more information about the product, please kindly refer to the following web pages,

MFS3030A, the SMD3030 LED lattice light, 150lm/LED, beam angle of 175 degrees.

 MFS3030B, the SMD3030 LED lattice light, 110lm/LED, beam angle of 170 degrees.

As the China professional LED strip light manufacturer, we also can produce different-sized LED strip lights in accordance with our clients' requirements. Therefore, if you have any requirements about specifications and quality, please do not hesitate to let us know.

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