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LED grow lights help vegetables successfully plant in the Arctic

Time:2018-10-15| Author:admin

Good news from the Arctic, German researchers have successfully trial planted a variety of vegetables such as tomatoes, cucumbers, and kohlrabi, and has harvested 183 kilograms of fresh vegetables. The experiment not only meets the requirements of Arctic staff for fresh vegetables to a certain extent but also inspires humans to plant in other harsh natural environments.


The Arctic has a long period of isolation during the winter, for the ice on the surface of the sea is too thick to pass the supply boat. In the past, it was impossible for staff to eat fresh vegetables. At the beginning of this year, German Arctic expedition used plant containers, substrates, and nutrient solutions to plant tomatoes experimentally in the container. Because there is no sunlight in the laboratory, the experimental team uses LED grow lights to provide the lighting conditions needed for the vegetables. The tomatoes grown in plant containers do not have the large volume, but the vitamin content exceeds that of refrigerated vegetables.


For future agriculture, the project may also be an example. Vertical farms will become the mainstream of vegetable cultivation, which can optimize the ecology of the city, such as utilizing treated wastewater and carbon dioxide-containing waste gas. Moreover, the energy-saving and environmentally friendly LED grow lights will also provide strong support for these projects.


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