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Applications of LED grow lights on the vegetable seedling

Time:2018-09-17| Author:admin

LED light source control plant morphogenesis and growth is an important technology in the field of greenhouse cultivation. The advanced plant can sense and receive light signals through photoreceptor systems. It is then transmitted by intracellular messengers to regulate morphological changes. Photomorphogenesis is depended on light to control the differentiation, structure, function as well as the establishment of tissues and organs.


Vegetable seedlings are an important part of protected agriculture. Continuous rainy weather will cause insufficient light and excessive growth, which will influence the growth of vegetables, flower bud differentiation, and fruit development, and ultimately affect their yield and quality. In production, some plant growth regulators are used to regulate the growth of seedlings, but the unreasonable use of plant growth regulators may cause contamination.


LED plant grow light has many advantages in the light supplement, it is a feasible way to raise seedlings. According to the experimental data, in weak light condition, the green light emitted by LED grow lights promoted the elongation growth of cucumber seedlings. Compared with the natural weak light, the red and blue light increased healthy index 151.26% and 237.98% respectively. Moreover, compared with monochromatic light, the healthy index increased by 304.46% under the compound light of red and blue light. Red light can increase the value of leaf, leaf area, plant height, stem diameter, dry and fresh quality, healthy index, root activity, SOD activity and soluble protein content of cucumber seedlings.


Compared with natural light, LED red light and blue light can highly increase the leaf area, dry matter quantity and a healthy index of tomato seedlings. LED green light supplementation can significantly increase the biomass of cucumber and tomato seedlings, and the health index, stem diameter, and fresh-dry quantity of seedlings increased with the enhancement of green light intensity. LED red and blue combined light can increase the stem diameter, leaf area, plant dry weight, root-shoot ratio, and healthy index of eggplant.


The above shows that the advantages of vegetable seedlings cultivated by combining LED grow lights are very obvious.

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