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What causes light decay of LED lights?

Time:2018-09-14| Author:admin

LED light decay means that after a period of illumination of the LED, its light intensity will be lower than the original light intensity, and the low part is the light decay of the LED.

At the present stage, the LED products produced by global LED manufacturers have different degrees of light decay. High-power LEDs also have light decay, which has a direct relationship with temperature. It is determined by chip, phosphor and packaging technology. Today, the lumens depreciation of LED lights may be one of the top issues for the LED lighting market. There are two main factors for the light decay of LEDs:

First, the quality of LED products themselves:

1. Some LED factories use the inferior LED chip to reduce the cost, result in the brightness is attenuated faster.

2. The manufacturing technique is defective, the heat produced by the LED chip's operation cannot be exported through the PIN effectively, which leads to the overtemperature and light attenuation.

Secondly, the use of conditions:

1. The LED is driven by a constant current, but in actual use, some end users are adopting voltage driven to cause the LED decay to increase.

2. The input current is greater than the rated current of LEDs.

In fact, there are many reasons for the light decay of LED lights. The most critical issue is the efficiency of heat dissipation. Many LED lights manufacturers do not pay special attention to heat dissipation in their products, the light decay of these products will higher than other LED lights with well heat dissipation design after long time use. The thermal resistance of the LED chip itself, the heat dissipation effect of the PCB, the base, the colloid, the gold wire, and other raw materials are also related to the light decay of LED lights.

Today’s lighting market is paying more and more attention to the quality of LED lights. As the LED strip lights and LED grow lights supplier in China, we also use the mature production technology and select excellent raw materials to ensure the quality of our products.

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