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Let you know the LED specifications and parameters in three minutes

Time:2018-09-10| Author:admin

The LED is one of the solid-state semiconductor devices that convert electrical energy directly into light energy. As the most popular light source, what are the parameters and specifications of SMD LEDs? In this article, we are going to introduce several common specifications and parameters of SMD LEDs and its significance.

1. Voltage: the SMD LED uses a low-voltage power supply. The single LED input voltage is between 2-4V. Take the flexible LED strip RU5630G as an example, its three SMD5630 LEDs and one resistor connected in series as a group, using 12V input voltage. This kind of LED light with low-voltage drive design is safer and is especially suitable for public places.High-quality SMD5630 LEDs

2. Current: the rated current of SMD LED varies according to the power. Normally, the brightness of LEDs will rise with the increase of current in a certain range.

3. Power: the general SMD LED rated power is 0.2W, 0.5W, 1W, 1.5W and so on.

4. Color temperature: White LEDs are divided into warm white (2700-4000K), white (5500-6000K), cool white (7000K or more). Red, blue and green are denoted by the optical band: Red (600nm-680nm), Green (500nm-580nm), Blue (430nm-480nm).

5. Beam angle: the most common beam angle of SMD LED is 120 degrees. In general, LED strips manufacturers will change the emitting angle by adding the lens on the LED light strips. For example, the MFS3030A LED lattice light's beam angle is increased to 175 degrees by mounting the PMMA lens on it.

6. Luminous flux: generally, the higher power of LED means the higher brightness. For example, the SMD2835 LED of 0.2W is about 24lm, the SMD5630 LED of 0.5W can reach 60lm, and the SMD3030 LED of lattice curtain light can reach 150lm.

7. CRI: its full name is Color Rendition Index, representing the ability to restore the color of objects, and the maximum value is Ra100. For a more detailed explanation about CRI, please refer to our other article: Full-spectrum LEDs, the healthy lighting.

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