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The reasons why LED strips are popular

Time:2018-12-31| Author:admin

LED light strips play a very important role in the field of LED lighting. LED light strips have the characteristics of good light efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection, and a wide range of uses, which makes it more and more recognized by consumers. Here's a quick introduction to why LED strips can be so popular.

1. Variety of types and functions

According to the type of PCB, LED strips can be divided into LED hard strips and flexible LED tape lights. The difference between the two can be found in the article: The differences between rigid and flexible LED strips. After years of development, LED light strips play an irreplaceable role in home lighting, advertising lighting, decorative lighting, commercial lighting, and other fields.LED strip lights in advertising light boxes

2. Product function segmentation

Due to the market demand, the LED strip lights have a tendency to be subdivided. For example, the LED curtain light strip is a professional backlight strip designed specifically for advertising light boxes. The benefits of the specialization are that it can more suit the corresponding application areas, achieve better lighting effects and to save costs.

3. LED cost reduction

With the gradual opening of patents for LED chip technology, the price of LED chips has dropped. For LED strips manufacturers, the production costs are decreased, which make the prices of products more affordable.

4. Popularity

As product prices drop, LED strips are no longer limited to high-end commercial locations. Especially for the LED flexible strip, due to its convenient installation, more and more consumers apply it to home, garden, car, etc. as individual lighting.

In general, LED strips will still occupy an important market share in the field of LED lighting in the future, and will become more and more specialized and popular.

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