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The new SMD 2835 LEDs up to 200 lm/W were introduced

Time:2018-10-27| Author:admin

Just lately, Lumileds launched the new LUXEON 2835 HE LEDs, of which the maximal efficiency up to 200 lm/W, redefining the color consistency of LEDs on the market. These new LEDs have excellent efficiency and second-order MacAdam elliptical color consistency.

High quality SMD 2835 LED

Sam Wu, mid-power product line product manager, said, "These SMD2835 LEDs have serried color points that other mid-power LEDs don't have. The second-order MacAdam Elliptical Design Kit can realize ideal color consistency so as to meet the high requirement of some lighting applications. These LEDs achieve a luminous flux of 36 lm and an efficiency of 202 lm/W at a drive current of 65 mA and get a luminous flux of 220 lm (4000K and 80 CRI) at a drive current of 480 mA.

The new SMD2835 LEDs is suitable for the LED lights that its efficiency must be higher than 150 lm/W, and the number of LEDs must be minimized. These LEDs are beneficial to reduce the product size at the same brightness.

In order to meet different application requirements, the SMD 2835 LEDs have a range of CCT and Ra70 to Ra90 CRI options, which can be used to substitute the existing SMD2835, the SMD5630 and SMD3030 medium-power LEDs with similar optical demands.

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