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Notices for installing LED strip lights

Time:2018-09-23| Author:admin

Some people in the market or on the Internet reflect to the actual usage of the LED light strips did not match the product description. For example, the actual brightness is insufficient, the light decay is too fast, and the service life is shortened. There are many reasons for these problems, except for a small part of bad businesses shoddy, the improper use is the main reason. In order to guide customers to properly install and use the LED light bar, here are some notices about the installation.

The first is the wiring method of LED strips. The input voltage of the LED light strips is generally 12V or 24V DC, different LED lights need to be driven by the corresponding power supply. The specification of the power supply is selected according to the power and connection length of the lights. The wiring of the LED tape lights need to distinguish between the positive and negative poles. Generally, the LED lights manufacturer will mark the positive and negative poles on the PCB and solder the wires at the end to convenient for connection and installation. Besides, if you do not want each LED strip to be driven by a single power supply and spend too much on it, there is an economical solution. In view of the high prices of LED power supplies, we can connect the LED tapes in parallel, and use a high power supply for the total power supply.

Secondly, the controller connection method. LED marquee lights and RGB LED strips to need the controller to realize the color changing and other dynamic effects. RGB LED lights generally use the same anode, that is, there is one "+" and three cathodes on the strip. The control distances of different controllers are various. The common simple controller has a control distance of 10 to 15 meters, the remote controller has a control distance of 15 to 20 meters, and the longest distance up to 30 meters.

Finally, the connection length of the LED strip lights. In general, we recommend connecting the LED strips in parallel. Because if the series connection length is too long, the brightness will be dim, and the heat production will increase, which will ultimately affect the service life.

Therefore, the installation must be in accordance with the requirements of the manufacturer, in order to make the lights working stably and safely.

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