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Stroboscopic Effect of LED Lights

Time:2018-10-25| Author:admin

In recent years, people pay more and more attention to healthy lighting and the quality of the light source. More people are beginning to understand and pay attention to the effects of lighting on the human. In this article, we are going to take the analysis of the stroboscopic effect of LED lights, which is one of the most important factors of LED lights.

Being lived in flicking lights for a long time will have bad effects on the human body such as mental stress, headaches, visual impairment, etc. Sometimes our eyes can't see the stroboflash, but that doesn't mean the LED lights isn't stroboscopic. For instance, at a high frequency of 100 to 150 Hz, we can't see the strobing with our eyes, but the brain can detect it, which might have potentially negative consequences.

Almost all the lights have the stroboscopic effect, but they are different. For the conventional incandescent and halogen lamps, the flicking is hard to be recognized, because their filament temperature doesn't respond quickly to changes in current. However, the response of the LED to changes in current is instantaneous. If the current output from LED driver power is not stable enough, the stroboscopic effect will be very obvious.


Through the phone camera, sometimes we can see the strobe that our eyes can't easily detect, but it can't be used to judge a light source is qualified or not. Because of the rolling shutter effect, the phone camera is not an accurate tool like the professional testing tools, but it can serve as a reference to some extent.

With the attention paid to healthy lighting, the problem must be faced and solved. In order to effectively improve the quality of light, as a professional LED lights manufacturer in China, we've been working on better products and have launched superior LED light strips especially suitable for indoor lighting. The LED power supply is also a key, an excellent LED power can minimize the stroboscopic phenomenon of LED lights. Creating a healthy lighting environment requires the joint efforts of LED lights manufacturers and power supply manufacturers.

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