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What do these numbers on the LED strips mean?

Time:2018-09-12| Author:admin

When select and purchase LED products, we can often see these numbers in the introductions and descriptions such as 2835, 3528, 5630, 5050 and so on. What do these numbers mean? What are the differences between them?

In fact, all of these numbers are used to express the sizes of SMD LEDs that usually mounted on the rigid LED strips, LED tapes, TV backlights, LED bulbs and other LED products. For example, 2835 means the length of the SMD2835 LED is 2.8mm and the width is 3.5mm. But it is important to note that these are the metric unit. The following is the detailed description:

3528: the size of SMD3528 LED is 3.5*2.8*1.9mm, the last number 1.9mm is the thickness. Normally, the working current of SMD3528 LEDs is 20mA, and the maximum is 40mA. By the way, 3528 also called as 1210 in countries and regions where the English unit is used.

2835: the size is 3*1.4*0.8mm. It is easy to confuse 2835 with 3528, for they look like the same and their PCB is universal. Compare with SMD3528LEDs, SMD2835 LEDs have higher brightness, better heat dissipation, and lower cost. Therefore, SMD2835 LEDs are occupying a large market share at present.

5050: The size is 5*5*1.6mm. The craft of SMD5050 LED is excellent, for an SMD5050 LED has three chips. According to this characteristic, manufacturers can mount three chips of different colors are red, green and blue respectively in one LED. After that, we can realize change color through control of the current of different chips, which is the RGB LED.

5630: The size is 5.6*3*0.9mm. The SMD5630 LED has high brightness, uniform light, low light decay, and long lifespan. Depending on the power of a single LED, SMD5630 LED can be classified as 0.2W, 0.3W and 0.5W, of which a 0.5W SMD5630 LED can reach 60lm.

SMD LEDs commonly used in LED strip lights, LED bulbs, TV backlights etc.

There are still have a lot of SMD LED with other sizes such as 3030, 4014, 7030, 8520 and so on. Today we need to know one thing that all of these numbers are the size of SMD LEDs. LED lights manufacturers will select proper LEDs according to the different requirements of clients. For example, as the LED strips supplier, we will use 0.5W SMD5630 LED to meet the high demand of brightness. But if you request the uniform light and high CRI, the SMD2835 LED will be the better choice.

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