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The advantages of LED light strips for light boxes' backlighting

Time:2018-11-16| Author:admin

With the continuous improvement of LED lighting technology, LED strip lights have replaced the traditional backlighting of light boxes. In this article, let's take a look at what made LED lighting bar replace the fluorescent tubes.Light boxes backlighting - MFS3030A LED curtain strip lights

1. Long lifespan

After years of development, LED lighting technology is quite mature, and the problem of lumens depreciation has been effectively controlled, which not only increased the lifetime of LEDs to 50,000 hours but also greatly reduced the cost of electricity.

2. Low energy consumption

Compare to the traditional tube lights, LED light strips are able to save more than 80% electrical energy. Moreover, the aluminum rigid LED strip lightshave a better heat dissipation effect, which further enhances the service lifetime.

3. Easy installation

Compare with other backlighting sources, LED light strips are more convenient for installation. Due to the light weight of the lighting strips, the back adhesive is enough to fix the strips. For LED curtain strip lights, it will be easier, which only need to fix the first and last strips to fix the entire LED curtain strips.

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