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External factors affecting the lifespan of the LED strips

Time:2018-12-28| Author:admin

As we all know, LED is an energy-saving and environmentally friendly lighting source. Moreover, with the improvements of LED technology and manufacturing technique, the service life has been guaranteed and the cost decrease. Nowadays, the LED lighting is the most optimal and widespread lighting source in the world. However, there are some external factors will reduce the service life of the LED lights, which will make us bear unnecessary losses.

1. The rated parameters

Different LED lights have different rated parameters. Take LED strip lights as the example, if the 24V power supply is used to drive the 12V DC LED light strips, which will be light up at the beginning. But it's accompanied by a lot of heat production and the lights will be completely damaged after a short period of time.

2. Acidic environment

In some acidic environments, such as coastal areas, chemical factories, etc., the LED lights need specific protection. For example, the fully enclosed tube for good isolation of LED tape lights from the external environment.

3. Environmental temperature

The environmental temperature will also affect the service life of LED lights, especially the high-power lights. Working for a long time in a high-temperature condition, the light decay of the LED lights will be accelerated. The solution to this problem is to install active heat sinks. The LED grow lights will be an example, most of the high-power LED grow lights have built-in fans that dissipate the heat and control the temperature.

4. Humidity

In a humid environment, electronic components and metal parts of the LED lights will be dampened. Therefore, it's necessary to keep the electric components from moisture, avoiding the short circuit and damp damage.

The above is the main external factors that will affect the service life of LED lights.

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