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The brackets of the SMD LEDs

Time:2019-01-23| Author:admin

We may have noticed a strange thing is that the two LED light strips have the same color, power, brightness, but they may have different prices. In fact, the quality and cost of materials determine the price, which can't be seen from the surface of the products. In this post, we are going to introduce one of the main components in the SMD LEDs - the bracket.SMD 5050 LED bracket (support)

For the LED tape lights, the most common materials for their LEDs' brackets are copper and iron. The purpose of the bracket is to support the chips, carry the current, dissipate the heat, and protect the internal components. The resistivity of the copper and iron are 1.678 and 9.17 respectively so that the copper brackets have less heat production and better electro-optical conversion efficiency. Besides, copper's thermal conductivity is 401 that is higher than that of the iron of 80. Therefore, base on the less heat generation, the copper bracket also has better heat dissipating performance. The low resistivity and the higher thermal conductivity determine the better quality and longer service life of the copper brackets.

Furthermore, the ductility of the copper will further lengthen the life of the SMD LED. In most cases, the sliver will be plated on the surface of the brackets to reduce the light losses. Therefore, once the iron is rusted, the silver-plated layer will be broken and result in dead LED. However, the high price of the copper brackets is a factor that have to be considered for both LED strip lighting manufacturers and consumers.

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