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Are the high bright LED light strips better?

Time:2018-11-28| Author:admin

In today's lighting market, there are various LED strip lights with so different features. Many people think that the LED strips with higher brightness have better quality and higher price. Without doubt, the higher the brightness, the higher the power and more heat production. In order to carry higher current and increase the heat dissipation effect, LED strip suppliers must use the materials and components with better quality, which result in a high price. However, to be honest, the brightness can't reflect the quality of the LED lights truthfully.RU5630G flexible LED light strips, LED tape lights

Different SMD LEDs have different rated current range and working stably in the corresponding rated current. In order to achieve higher brightness and reduce cost, some suppliers excessively increase the input current, which will shorten the life of LEDs. Due to this reason, the lights working in the excessive current have high brightness at the beginning, but they will dim rapidly after several months. Moreover, the excessive current also will cause overheating, result in dead LEDs and light decay. Considering the cost of installation and maintenance, these lights are not suitable for regular applications, though their prices are lower.

As a professional China LED strip lights manufacturer, we are committed to produce and sell LED lighting with reliable quality and excellent heat dissipation. Our RU5630G series light strips made by superior 0.5W SMD5630 LEDs and the high thermal conductivity aluminum PCBs, which have both the high brightness and long service life.

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