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Heat dissipating methods of the lenses on LED strips

Time:2018-11-07| Author:admin

As an optical device that can change the beam angle of LED lights, LED lenses have widely applicated in LED light strips, LED panel lights, LED wall washer, and other LED lights. Through the optical lenses, these products' beam angle is changed and more applicable to the corresponding fields. Based on its work principle, LED strip curtain lights with the wide beam angle up to 175 degrees was developed, which specially designed for advertising light boxes' backlighting, ceiling backlighting, and other short-span backlighting. PMMA and PC are the most common materials of the lenses, for their excellent processability and high transparency. However, their thermostability is not high enough to keep their consistent optical performance during the overheated environment. Therefore, there are different solutions have appeared for the overheating.

In the short term, the influence of the excessive heat mainly reflected in the color drift and slight light droop of the LED lights. If the excessive high temperature cannot be efficiently controlled, the lifespan of the LED light will be shortened significantly. The best way to avoid these negative effects is increasing the cooling efficiency.

Generally, cooling methods can be divided into passive cooling and active cooling. Passive cooling means that the LED lights dissipate the heat by their own structure. For LED hard light strips, the main passive cooling structure is the rigid aluminum PCBs that have high thermal conductivity. Furthermore, the passive heat dissipation method is energy-efficient and environmentally friendly, for it doesn't require to additional electricity consumption. One of our hot-selling products, MFS3030A LED curtain light strips with the high heat-conductive aluminum PCB are adopt the passive heat dissipation design to control the temperature in a really low range. For high-power LED lights, the lighting fixture itself is incapable of dissipating so much heat, so that it needs the pumps or fans to cooling. This way that depending on the energy-consuming devices to dissipating the heat is called the active cooling method.

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