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How to identify the materials of the support (bracket) in SMD LEDs

Time:2019-01-23| Author:admin

As a China LED strip manufacturer, we are often asked how to identify the bracket's material. At present, the most commonly used metal brackets are copper brackets and iron brackets. Copper brackets have better electrical and thermal conductivity but at a relatively high price. The quality of iron brackets is not comparable to that of copper brackets, but at a lower price, and is regularly used for low-power LEDs.SMD LED's brackets (supports)

First of all, it is an imprecise method to identify the material of the bracket in the LED with a magnet. Because some of the copper brackets contain nickel, and nickel can be attracted by magnets. In order to reduce the light loss and increase the adhesion of the chip and the bracket, it is commonly plating a layer of silver on the copper bracket. Some copper supports will also add the nickel plating layer, which has corrosion resistance and high hardness. Furthermore, the nickel layer can separate the copper substrate and the silver plating layer and increase the strength of the bracket.

Therefore, the most accurate method of identification is to cut the bracket. If the color of the cut surface is red or yellow, it is copper. If it is silver or white, it is an iron bracket.

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