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Cree launches new LED light sources for LED grow light

Time:2019-03-04| Author:admin

Recently, CREE released their new generation of agricultural lighting products, XLamp XP-E2 Photo Red LED and Far-Red LED. These two new LED light sources have higher luminous efficiency and performance, which can further reduce the cost of using LED grow lights, thereby reducing the payback period of planting facilities.

The XP-E2 series is the latest generation of the existing XP LED lighting series. It inherits the excellent mechanical and optical properties of previous generations and adds brightness to the light source. Cree's new generation of agricultural LED achieves an industry-leading level in terms of performance and efficiency levels.

Cree LED for LED grow light

Claude Demby, senior vice president, and general manager of Cree said that LEDs for special applications, including architectural lighting and gardening, are a core part of their product strategy. Agricultural lighting systems using LED plant lamps consume 50% less electricity than those using HPS lamps. The launch of this new series of products proves CREE's emphasis on high-power LEDs in the field of agricultural lighting.

The data shows that in the UK, the US, the Netherlands, Japan, and other countries, LED plant lights are replacing traditional lamps as the main light source of large indoor planting facilities. As a manufacturer of LED plant lights, we have been working with the industry's top and reliable light source suppliers to improve the performance and quality of our products.

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