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Dead LEDs of LED light strips

Time:2018-12-10| Author:admin

Due to various reasons, the LED bead of LED strip lights is damaged and cannot work, which is the dead LED phenomenon. But a LED cannot be lit does not not necessarily a dead LED. In this article, let me introducethe reasons why the LEDs cannot be lit.

1. The quality of raw materials

The quality of the materials and components directly affect the stability of LED strips. The low quality LED lights have shorter lifespan and more likely to cause dead LEDs.

2. Poor connection

For tandem light strips, if one LED is in poor contact, the whole LED light bar will be in open circuit and can't be lit. But in this situation, most of the LED lights can be repair by heating the LED strips and reconnect the LEDs.

3. Incorrect wiring

Different LED lights have different rated input voltagle, the 12V and 24V DC LED strip lights are cannot be directly connected to the 220V AC power supply, or the LEDs will be burnt out. Moreover, positive and negative connection errors will also cause the lights to not work. Therefore, we need to know the specific parameters and usage from the LED strip supplier in advance.

4. External factors

Due to various artificial or natural factors, the LEDs may be damaged or damp during the packaging, transportation, installation and application process, which will result in dead LEDs.

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