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Development of LED healthy lighting

Time:2018-12-24| Author:admin

In 2015, the idea of LED healthy lighting has been put forward. After these years' development, it is still in its infancy. However, this year, a lot of LED lighting factories have involved in healthy lighting and launched related products.

Health lighting means that the light emitted by the lighting fixture does not cause harm to the human body, especially to the eyes. However, most of the LED light source suppliers only focus on improving light efficiency and reducing costs.2835 full spectrum LEDs 4000K

In fact, as the scientific research of lighting continues to deepen, the relationship between light and health is increasingly discovered by humans. Studies have shown that the non-visual effect that the light will affect the release of melatonin, sleep, and biorhythm. Therefore, LED health lighting is not limited to reducing the harm of blue light but also can improve the quality of people's work, study, and life.

Natural sunlight is the most suitable and most comfortable light source for human beings. Nowadays, LED healthy lighting is also the imitating of sunlight. As a LED strip manufacturer, we launched a healthy lighting product, 2835 LED strip Art. No. R2835FS. It has the neutral light like the sunlight and less blue light spectrum, which is suitable for indoor lighting.

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