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The difference between high power and low power LEDs

Time:2018-09-19| Author:admin

LED is a point light source, unlike Compact Fluorescent Lamps or Incandescent Lamps on the market. Point light source, as its name implies, is the light emitted by a point.

At present, most low-power LEDs' specifications are 0.1W, 0.2W and 0.3W, of which 0.3W LEDs can reach a maximum brightness of 45lm. Generally, LEDs with the power of 0.5W or more is called a high-power LED, of which a 0.5W LED can have 60lm, and a 1W LED can reach 110lm. That is the difference in brightness between low-power LED and high-power LED.

For interior lighting, low-power LEDs can meet the demand, while for advertising or outdoor lighting, high-power LEDs are relatively more suitable.

The cost of the high-power LED is generally higher than the low-power LED, because of the higher power and greater brightness, resulting in more heat value. In order to increase the efficiency of heat dissipation and ensure the long lifespan, manufacturers must use better materials such as gold wires, copper bases, high-conductivity aluminum PCB and so on.

With the continuous development of LED manufacturing technology, some LED lights manufacturers can produce a single LED with the power of more than 200W, but its cost performance is still at the low level. At present, 0.5W lamp is the most popular because of its high output, reasonable price, higher brightness than the low-power LED, good heat dissipation, and can be applied to indoor lighting, outdoor lighting, and advertising lighting etc.

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