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LED grow lights help French growers to increase output

Time:2019-01-21| Author:admin

LED strip grow lights for greenhouseAs the report goes, there are two French companies, Cheminant, and Jardins Réunis have installed LED grow lights to enable their greenhouses to grow cucumbers year-round. The two companies installed the Philips' LED strip grow lights on the top of their new cucumber greenhouse.

LED lighting can provide sufficient illumination for the vegetables in any weather, avoiding the production reduction caused by insufficient lighting. Furthermore, the LEDs' light intensity is adjustable, which allow growers to control the growth of the crops according to the market requirement.

Compared to traditional HPS lamps, LED lights consume less energy and generate less heat. It's supposed that with the help of LED plant lights, the yield of Cheminant's large semi-enclosed greenhouse will be 30% higher than before. Vincent, one of the owners of Jardins Réunis, said that LED lighting can help them reduce electric power cost and increase the output, especially in the winter.

Signify point out that Eiffage énergie Systèmes also installed LED plant grow lights in its 25,000 square meters greenhouse.

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