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Healthy lighting improves the short-sightedness of students

Time:2019-01-28| Author:admin

The high short-sightedness (myopia) rate of the grade and middle school students has become a serious problem in China. Lately, the healthy lighting plan has been proposed in the light environment and eye health seminar of Xiamen schools, aiming to reduce the high myopia rate. Statistically, the Xiamen's grade school students have a short-sightedness rate of about 50% that increased significantly with the growth of grade.

Qiu Aiming, the chief physician of the Xiamen City Primary and Secondary School Health Care Center, said that the myopia is caused by many factors, a lighting environment is one of the main factors. Wuyuan School replaced all the lamps with LED lights in 2015. Since then, the Peking University Institute of Child and Adolescent Health has been studying the change of its myopia rate. The latest data showed that there has been an improvement of the students' vision health, and the myopia rate has been slightly decreased.

According to the report, more than 50 schools in Xiamen have joined the Healthy Lighting Project. As the number of participating schools increases, the short-sightedness problem of students in Xiamen surely will has a significant improvement.

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