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Lumileds introduced the RGB LED with the highest illuminance

Time:2019-03-22| Author:admin

Recently, Lumileds, the LED lighting giant, introduced their latest mid-power multicolor RGB LED. It's reported that the Lumileds's new LUXEON series RGB LEDs have the highest luminous intensity in the market.

The size of the LED is 3.5*3.5mm and contains 3 different colors of chips. With the driven of 20mA current, the LED can produce 1,000 McD of red light, 2300 McD of green light, and 500 McD of blue light.Lumileds's new RGB LED

Reliability is a major feature of this series of the LED. Tests conducted in a hydrogen sulfide environment show that the RGB LED can maintain the flux and forward voltage of the red, green, and blue chips. Jennifer Holland, director of the product line at Lumileds, said that the stable long-term lighting performance depends on advanced and reliable package design that is the advantage of Lumileds. The LED has a waterproof rating up to IP68 and its surface has been painted black, which is suitable for LED display screens, wall washer lights, LED strip lights, and other lighting applications.

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