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Need attention for house-lighting #2 Color Temperature

Time:2018-10-08| Author:admin

In the last article, we talked about the application and precautions of brightness in home lighting. Today we will talk about another factor that needs attention - the color temperature of LED lights. Just like brightness, different colors of light can bring about a completely different indoor lighting environment. Generally warm-white light can bring us a warm and comfortable feeling, and cool-white light can help us concentrate and improve our attention.


Many users think that it is only necessary to use the warm-white LED lighting in the house, for it is mainly a space for rest and entertainment. In fact, this is not appropriate. Warm-white LED light can provide a relaxed atmosphere, but its CCT is too low to reading easily. Therefore, the color temperature of LED lights should be determined according to the function of the space. The living room, home office, and kitchen all require clear and bright lighting, so the neutral light is more suitable. On the contrary, it is better to have warm-white LED lights in the bedroom and bathroom, for which need to provide people with a comfortable environment.


Consequently, not only the brightness but also the color temperature needs to be noticed, so that we can use it reasonably in the house-lighting. For more content about color temperature, please find the link below.


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