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Need attention for house-lighting #1 Brightness

Time:2018-10-07| Author:admin

Lighting is an indispensable part of our lives. Nowadays, more and more people choose LED lights as the house lighting such as LED light strips, LED spotlights, LED bulbs etc. Home lighting not only brings us a bright indoor environment but also creates a diverse home style through different combinations. However, there are some misunderstandings in the indoor lighting. If the lighting is only arranged according to the lighting effect, it will not only waste power and lamps but even affect our lives. For the reason of space, we are going to introduce it in four parts, hoping you can gain something after reading.

First of all, the BRIGHTNESS.

The brightness is one of the main factors that we care about when purchase LED lights, which directly determines the lighting atmosphere in our house. Some people like to create a luminous feeling in the interior, use a lot of lamps to provide a very bright environment. Likewise, there also some user like the dim lighting environment. Both are improper, for the unreasonable brightness will bring stress to our eye muscles and cause visual fatigue.

The illumination required for different areas in the house is different. For example, the living room needs to provide an overall bright environment to entertain guests and meet daily needs. The home office is requested to has enough brightness for reading and working. In the same way, the restaurant requires a luminous surrounding for dining. On the contrary, the main function of the bedroom is to provide a comfortable environment for rest, so a relatively low-brightness light will be more suitable. Similarly, the bathrooms have less demanding on lighting and can be illuminated with the soft light.

In addition, it should be noted that although different spaces are suitable for different brightness, different rooms should not have too much brightness change. Because our eyes need to adjust according to surrounding light, and the large changes of brightness can easily cause visual fatigue.


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