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Need attention for house-lighting #3 luminance difference

Time:2018-10-10| Author:admin

In the last two articles, we have introduced the role of brightness and color temperature of LED lights on home lighting. If you haven't read and are interested, please find the links to the articles at the end of this article.


As mentioned in our #1 article, the brightness of indoor lighting should not be too different, for which is not good for our health. Thereinto, we explain the influence of luminance difference from the perspective of large functional areas. However, even in the same room, there are misunderstandings in the contrast of lighting, which is easy to cause us to ignore.


At present, most living rooms have the TV background wall. Some families install LED strip lights and spotlights on the TV background wall and only turn on these lights when watching TV at night to pursue visual effects. Nevertheless, the striking contrast of brightness between the TV and the surrounding environment will harm our eyesight.


Some users turn off the main lighting when reading, only keep table lamp illumination. Although it can save energy, the visual fatigue will be caused by the contrast of light and shade, which will not be worth the candle.


Set some LED light strips in the bedroom, which can play a role of decoration and auxiliary lighting, but the brightness of the light bar should not be too high, so it will not be glare at night, which is also important for our rest. The dimmable LED strips and installation plan are the better choice for the bedroom.


On the whole, no matter whether it is a large indoor environment or a little space, there should be no obvious contrast of brightness.


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