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Need attention for house-lighting #4 Light color

Time:2018-10-12| Author:admin

Different colors of light can reflect the personality and aesthetics of the owner, and can also create different home lighting environments. However, too many colors tend to be counterproductive, not only do not have a distinct personality but also make us feel unnatural and uncomfortable in such a lighting environment.


Some families prefer the colorful light just like the outdoor advertisement, and they copy these lighting styles to their house with neon lights, RGB LED light strips and other muti-colors lights. Although it may seem very luxurious, in actual use, the messy light color has an impact on our vision, it is easy to produce light pollution. Of course, there are a thousand Hamlets in a thousand people's eyes. From a general point of view, we suggest that the main lighting of the home should be white-light LED lights, and use several other colors to add the sense of depth, which can create a harmonious and comfortable home lighting environment. If dynamic, colorful lighting is required, it can be installed separately and controlled independently.


This is the last article of HOUSE-LIGHTING series. We hope these will help you in the selection of LED lights and arrangement of home-lighting.


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