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How to connect LED strip lights to power supply

Time:2019-06-16| Author:admin

Most LED strips work at 12V or 24V DC, but in most countries, the standard voltage is 110V or 220V AC, so we need a power supply (adaptor) to convert standard high-voltage AC into a low-voltage DC that can be used by LED strips. In this post, we are going to introduce how to connect the LED strip light to the power supply and lit it up.

Note: Please cut off the power before installation to avoid the risk of electric shock.

Step 1: Power supply installation

The interfaces of the power supply are divided into input interfaces and output interfaces. According to the icons on the power supply, we connect L and N to high voltage AC and the third is the ground mark.

Step1 power supply installation

Step 2: LED strip installation

Connect the red wire of the LED light strip to the positive pole V+ of the power supply output, and connect the black wire to the negative pole V-. Power on.

Connect LED strip to power supply

Power on, lit up the LED strip

The installation of RGB LED strip

RGB multi-color LED strip lights need to achieve color change through the controller. So we need to install a controller between the power supply and the LED strip to control the input current of the light strip.

RGB LED strip installation

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