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Installation of LED curtain lattice strip lights

Time:2018-11-30| Author:admin

With the growing demand for advertising light boxes, LED curtain lattice light strips have become an important backlighting source of advertising light boxes. With its unique high brightness, long lifespan, easy installation and convenient maintenance, the LED light bars have become an irreplaceable high-quality light source for the advertising lighting industry. With the improvement of the advertising lighting industry, there are two main types of light sources: LED side light sources and LED backlights at present.

LED curtain strip lights are one of the LED backlights, applying in advertising light boxes, stretch ceilings of halls, etc. It is recommended that using LED curtain strip lights as the backlighting for light boxes with the thickness of less than 10cm. The lenses on the strips increase the beam angle of LEDs to more than 170 degrees so that the usage amount of lights and the total cost can be reduced. But if the thickness is more than 10cm, the conventional LED strip lights will be a better choice.MFS3030A led curtain strip lights in the light box

The size and thickness of the lighting object should be considered when installing the backlighting. The distance between the strips should be adjusted according to the thickness. In order to achieve the better lighting effect, the thinner the light boxes, the denser the light strips need to be. When installing, we should pay attention to the wiring. Generally, the white line represents the negative pole and another line with a different color is the positive pole. The input voltage of almost all of the strip lights is DC 12V or DC 24V, which should be driven by the corresponding power supply, and should not be directly connected to high voltage alternating current.

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