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LED grow lights VS high-pressure sodium lights

Time:2018-12-21| Author:admin

The relatively closed production system of greenhouses will play an important role in meeting the demand for food grown in the future. A large number of production practices and scientific research in agricultural production prove that artificial lighting can not only increase crop yield but also effectively improve crop quality. High-pressure sodium lights and LED grow lights are the most widely used supplement lights.HPS lights in greenhouse

The high-pressure sodium light is the third-generation illumination source. It occupies a certain market position, for its high luminous efficiency and strong penetrating power. The illumination angle is 360°, and most of the light must be reflected by the reflector to reach the designated area. When the sodium lamp is illuminated, it is accompanied by large heat generation, so the sodium lamp can't be too close to the plants.

As the fourth generation of the light source, LED adopts DC drive, the lifespan can reach more than 50,000 hours. LED plant grow lights contain no harmful elements and are more environmentally friendly. The LED light source is adjustable, and can emit monochromatic light, such as infrared, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, etc., and can be arbitrarily combined according to different needs. Due to the high energy efficiency and less heat production, LED plant lights can be used in the large-scale intensive plant factories.Red-blue LED grow lights

Both high-pressure sodium lamps and LED lights can meet the needs of plants. However, due to less electricity consumption and higher adjustability, LED grow lights will become the mainstream of agricultural lighting.

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