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LED lighting helps to plant and harvest fruits in winter

Time:2018-10-19| Author:admin

With the improvement and promotion of plant lighting, agriculture has been greatly advanced and developed. Nowadays, because of its energy-saving and environmentally friendly characteristics, LED grow lights are commonly used in plant factories to improve production efficiency. Moreover, there are more research institutions working on the effects of LED plant lights on corp growth.


According to the report, Delphy, a Dutch company, has ran a research project, which aim to grow and harvest raspberries and blackberries with the help of LED lighting in winter. They are planted the first round of raspberries and blackberries in November last year, and harvested fresh fruits in March this year under the LED grow lights. The experiment proved that the LED lighting can effectively promote the growth of the plants in the conditions of insufficient natural light. With that experience, the researchers have been conducted a new study in September, aiming to grow long-term preserved and frozen blackberry plants, and harvest the berries in December.


By report, the Dutch Ministry of Agriculture and Nature & Food Quality Department are closely concerning and supporting the experiment, in order to learn the effects of LED lights on facilitating the growth of plants. In addition, the experiment may also create a innovative and energy-saving planting scheme to grow crops in winter.


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