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LED grow lights help a Swedish factory against the harsh conditions

Time:2018-12-26| Author:admin

It is reported that a Swedish vertical agricultural company, Ljusgarda AB, paid about 140,000 USD for LED grow lighting solutions. Located in Tibro, Sweden, this company transforms an old factory into a 7,000-square-meter vertical plant factory with an annual capacity of 1,000 tons of food. With the help of agricultural lighting and solutions, plants can grow on the farm be all over the year without the influence of the external environment.LED grow lights in vertical farm

Due to the relatively closed cultivating environment and intelligent hydroponic system, the crops no need pesticides and its water consumption is low. Agricultural LED lightingplays an important role in the plant factory with such a sealed environment. Producers can meet the lighting requirements of the crops in different growth stages by adjusting the spectrum of LED grow lights.

Because of the harsh weather conditions, achieving high quality and high output of the crops at all seasons is a challenge for Swedish farms. The vertical farm has a closed environment and appropriate cultivating conditions, which make the quality and yield of the crops are keeping in the high level all year round.

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