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LED grow lights help the British institution builds an urban vertical farm

Time:2018-12-03| Author:admin

According to the report, with the help of agricultural lighting, the Stockbridge Technology Center in the UK has built a new Vertical Farming Development Facility to help growers test their projects of the urban farm before investing.

The farm applies the new agricultural lighting solution, which will help companies, growers and investors better understand the technical and environmental parameters needed to optimize crop yields before starting their own vertical farm.

To promote commercial urban farms in the UK, the center provides a platform through which potential investors and growers can communicate and discuss with the experts. Moreover, by adjusting the LED grow lights, they are able to identify and test settings to maximize the scale of harvest, nutritional value, and visual appeal.

In addition, the vertical farm consists of two identical planting rooms with a total planting area of 228 square meters, using a full range controlling and recirculating systems. There are four layers of cultivating rack, all using LED grow lights with red & blue combined light.

The Manager said that LED plant lighting is a key factor in the successful growth of any crop, and we will create more arable space in industrial and urban areas.

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