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The underground fully automatic LED lighting plant factory

Time:2018-12-12| Author:admin

With the development of LED plant lighting and soilless cultivation techniques, large-scale plant factories are already common in some countries. However, there is an underground plant factory in Japan has realized fully automated, which is the world's first underground fully automated plant factory.

According to the plan, by 2020, the factory can enter the mass production period. By 2022, the plant area will reach 3,200 square meters, and the above-ground working area will reach 600 square meters. After cultivating the seedlings on the ground, the vegetables will be sent to the underground through the conveyor belt. The LED grow lights and the nutrient solution transportation system are completely controlled by the smart system. At the harvest time, the vegetables will be returned to the ground for sale. Now the prices of the vegetables are the same as that of ordinary farms, and there is room for further cost reduction in the future.

Plant factories need to consume a lot of electricity for temperature control and lighting. However, this plant factory is built in an underground tunnel and uses LED grow lights and the intelligent control system, which can save a lot of electricity.

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