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LED grow lights made vegetables more valuable

Time:2018-11-19| Author:admin

A LED lighting plant factory in Fujian, China, with an area of 10,000 square meters, is the largest plant factory in the world. In order to improve the quality, the plant factory will not use the pesticides, and the vegetables must be planted in the clean growing room to avoid diseases and pests. For that reason, people are requested to have a series of disinfection processes before entering the planting area.

There are rows of plant cultivation modules are neatly arranged in the large workshop, just like a supermarket. The LED grow lights are installed on the ceilings of each layer of cultivation cabinets, and provide light for the various lettuce and cabbage. The vegetables growing strongly in the workshop without soil and sunshine.

Plant factory using LED grow lights

Different light has different effects on crops. So that the growing situation and mature period can be controlled by adjusting the light ratio of LED grow lights, which is impossible for planting in the natural environment. For instance, in the seedling stage, more blue light can make seedlings grow stronger and synthesis more soluble proteins.

The vegetables grown in the Fujian plant factory have been entered the market and received positive market feedback. The consumers said that these vegetable are healthier and more nutritious, though their prices are several times that of others.

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