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LED lighting vertical farm in the abandoned tunnel

Time:2018-11-09| Author:admin

Nowadays, with the developments of LED grow lights and planting technology, a lot of plant factories and vertical farms have appeared all over the world, and the trend is growing. Due to the emergence of these new planting technologies, the crops can be grown in everywhere, such as the earth, underground, space, sea, and containers. Not long ago, smart vertical farms have successfully built in the abandoned tunnel.

A South Korea indoor farming company said that they rented a closed tunnel and succeed in transforming it into a smart vertical farm, for solving the problems of food scarcity caused by natural disasters, limited planting land, and manpower shortage. The farm use hydroponics, LED grow lighting and intelligent control systems to create a suitable environment for the growth of vegetables and fruits. As the report goes, the farm covering 2,300 square meters, that is the largest vertical farm in South Korea. It was also reported that this is the first time that a vertical farm has been built in a tunnel.

As global warming and reduction of agricultural population, this new type of LED lighting farm is bound to be the future direction of agriculture.

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