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LED grow lights help Taiwan orchard save half of the electricity

Time:2018-11-05| Author:admin

Taiwan Agriculture Bureau has promoted the pitaya LED Plant Lighting Subsidy Program, to encourage the farmers to respond to power saving policy and adjust the excess production capacity of fruit production.

Xie Mingshu, an experienced pitaya farmer, said that the LED grow lights saving nearly 50% of the electricity costs every year after the farm replaced all the traditional agricultural lights with LED lights about four years ago. His 15 hectares of pitaya farm needs 2,500 traditional agricultural light bulbs per hectare before, which required him to pay almost 25,000 NTD per month for the electricity.  Nowadays, after the overall application of the LED plant grow lights, the lighting power costs are reduced to about 10,000 NTD, which not only greatly reduce the production cost but also more energy saving and environmental protection. Furthermore, the LED grow lights are more efficient and controllable such as increasing the flowering rate and adjusting the maturity time to avoid excessive market competition and natural disasters.

The Agriculture pointed out that although the cost of purchasing the LED lighting is higher than the traditional agricultural lighting, the LED lighting fixtures can significantly lower costs of the farms in the long term.

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