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Bionic structure boosts LED's light efficiency to 90%

Time:2019-02-25| Author:admin

In fact, most commercial LEDs currently have a luminous efficiency of 50%, and some of the light emitted by the chip is wasted due to reflection. Therefore, improving light utilization is one of the keys to LED development.

Researchers at Penn State University, who focused on how to extract more light from LEDs, found that the light efficiency of the LED could be improved by replicating the firefly's light-emitting structure. The research team pointed out that the processing of tiny textures on the surface of SMD LEDs can reduce the loss of light to some extent. However, most LEDs today use a regular symmetrical texture structure with the same tilt angle, which is not similar to the asymmetrical texture of the firefly's tail.New & old structure for the SMD LED

After repeatedly experimenting with asymmetric textures resembling firefly tails on the LED surface, the research team succeeded in creating an asymmetric micro-pyramid structure. Such pyramid structures have different tilt angles and a larger surface area, so that the reflected light angles are more random, thereby increasing the interaction of light and reducing the absorption of light.

Ideally, this structure can increase the light efficiency of LEDs to 90%. The researchers said it has applied for a patent for the project and is seeking to work with relevant LED manufacturers to promote the commercialization of the technology. The results of this study have been published in the journal Optik.

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