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New breakthrough! The LED lighting is beneficial to human health

Time:2019-01-25| Author:admin

According to the report of Sandia National Laboratories, the new type of LED healthy lighting can promote people or plants to have specific physiological reactions. This function of lighting has not been explored before, which is of great help to human health even the research is still in its infancy.

By controlling the illumination time, space and spectrum of such LED lamps, various hormone reactions of the human body can be induced, and there is great potential in the health field. At the same time, this kind of LED light with specific wavelength and intensity can also effectively promote plant growth, which may bring new development direction for LED grow lighting industry.

Researcher Jeff Tsao of the lab said that with continuous exploration and discovery, LED will no longer be just an energy-saving, long-life light source, but also bring greater value to humans and society. He also pointed out that the development of LED lighting should pay attention to the combination of intelligent technology, information technology, natural science, and other industries.

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