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The future agriculture, plant factory

Time:2018-11-14| Author:admin

With the development of information and planting technology, the transformation of traditional agriculture into intelligent agriculture has been one of the most important topics, to solving the problem of less labor and reduction of agricultural acreage. In the intelligent plant factory, the temperature, humidity, light, carbon dioxide concentration, and nutrient solution, all are controlled by the intelligent system to realize efficient mass led grow lights for vegetables

A Japan interior plant factory in a two-story building surrounded by vegetable greenhouses, its staffs monitor and remote control the growth situation of vegetables through the computer management system. The vegetables take only about 20 days from planting to seedling.

Plant factories have attracted more and more investment in recent years. One of the reasons is that the large-scale application of LED grow lightssignificantly reduce the electricity costs of plant factories, which lower the costs of investment and production. At the same time, agriculture LED lighting plant factories are able to used to grow higher value-added medicines.

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