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What is LED driver/power supply

Time:2018-10-22| Author:admin

LED driver is a converter that changes input voltage and current into specific values required for LED lights. Generally, the input of the LED power source includes commercial power, low voltage DC, high voltage DC, low voltage high-frequency AC, etc. The core components of the LED power supply include switch controller, inductor, switching component, feedback resistor, input filter component, output filter component, and so on. Based on the different requirements, there are also have a variety of protection circuit.


Sometimes, what decides the lifespan of LED lights is not themselves, but the driver. A good power supply requires high reliability, high efficiency, and related protection functions. High reliability ensures stable operation of power supplies and LED lights, reducing post-maintenance costs. The high efficiency will reduce consumption, which reduces the temperature of the lights. Furthermore, according to the service environment, the power supply also needs to add the corresponding protection function to prevent the LED lights from being damaged by the electrical surge, reverse voltage and so on.


According to the driving mode, the power suppliers can be classified into the constant current supply and the stabilized voltage supply. The current output by the constant current driving circuit is constant, and the output DC voltage varies within a certain range depending on the magnitude of the load resistance. When the parameters in the voltage stabilizing circuit are determined, the output voltage is fixed, and the output current changes as the load increases or decreases. The constant current supply is more suitable for LED lights than the stabilized supply, but the cost is also higher.

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